Don't ever lose important data.

"Danger Will Robinson, Danger Will Robinson," is the distress message that should be sent out if your agency has no centralized server, zero off-site backup and relies on peer-to-peer networking along with a $20 flash drive for file exchange. The better option is to stay operational 24/7 with these Straightline digital management solutions:


Centralized Server

The worse place to store and share files is on a personal computer. Straightline can install and maintain a Centralized Server to give your agency one location for file access and redundant back up for added security.

Workflow Management

Make your agency more efficient and mistake proof with working file controls from Straightline. The result? Everyone works through a centralized server to maintain workflow and avoid file version confusion. Incorporating solutions to streamline your file management process from start to finish reducing cost created from redundant activities.

Network and Workflow Assessment

A Straightline assessment determines if your agency's network is properly configured, or a piece meal disaster waiting to happen. We then fix each issue and provide regular upkeep so everything works efficiently.