Meeting printed expectations.

When the colors don’t match the proof on a print job, the fonts default, and the client’s foaming at the mouth, you might as well throw everything in the trash. Including your agency’s profits. A smart way to avoid these nightmares is to let Straightline provide the following fail safe printing solutions:


Color Managed Proofs

A Color Managed Proof system from Straightline gives your agency the security that a client-approved proof looks the same as the final printed piece that rolls off the press. Straightline is an Idealliance G7 Expert and CMP Certified company.

Font Management

There are thousands of fonts out there. And if your agency uses most of them, Straightline makes sure they are properly licensed, centrally stored on a server and only the correct ones are used in the printing process.

File Version Control

When everyone has a hand on a project, it’s vital to make sure the latest version is sent out for printing. Straightline makes sure you have a centralized location to store and access current source files, so only approved projects are printed.