Don't Let the Monsters Destroy Your Printing Profits!

It's frightening to know that a digital assets disaster can strike a print shop, ad agency or design firm out of nowhere.

From fires and theft, to improper file back up and bad print jobs, it’s scary to think about the crippling consequences a busy print shop, ad agency or design firm faces if their digital assets are not properly protected or managed. It should make you feel secure knowing that Straightline has been safeguarding companies like yours from these horrific disasters for over a decade. Our digital management solutions cover workflow and file management, IT backbone and security, as well as color management for printing perfection. The result: improved workflow, higher profitability and lower liability – all thanks to Straightline. Safeguarding your digital assets 24/7.


Meeting printed expectations.

When the colors don’t match the proof on a print job, the fonts default, and the client’s foaming at the mouth, you might as well throw everything in the trash. Including your agency’s profits. A smart way to avoid these nightmares is to let Straightline provide the following fail safe printing solutions:

  • Color managed proofs for sign offs to avoid mistakes, keep deadlines and maintain profits
  • Font management to avoid font defaults and nasty surprises that eat into your cash flow
  • File version controls to ensure that only the updated and approved file goes to the printer, not an earlier version

Keep your network in line.

At your agency, when a disgruntled employee walks out the door are your client files leaving, too? Or is the real disaster not being prepared for a fire, flood, tornado or earthquake? With a secure and properly managed digital asset environment from Straightline, your agency is safe from harm’s way with the following solutions:

  • Off-site, Cloud based file backup for security against employee data theft, computer crashes, fire and natural disasters
  • Hardware and equipment (asset) retention covering maintenance on computers, printers and servers

Don’t ever lose important data.

"Danger Will Robinson, Danger Will Robinson," is the distress message that should be sent out if your agency has no centralized server, zero off-site backup and relies on peer-to-peer networking along with a flash drive for file exchange. The better option is to stay operational 24/7 with these Straightline digital management solutions:

  • Centralized server solution for proper file backup, redundant archiving, and key access point for file sharing
  • Workflow management with the implementation of working file controls
  • Network and workflow assessment and solution